Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Welcome to this blog. Many of you are interested in any new books I get published. I recently sent to a new publisher the manuscript of the first in a series of three books I am planning on the subjects of faith, hope, and love. The first book is on hope and should be published within six months, hopefully sooner. The title  is The Power of Life-Giving Hope in Troublesome Times. You can keep up on the progress, and other things happening with Connie and I, by being in touch with this blog.

My book, Out of Darkness Into the Light is now published as a second edition with a new cover and the cost ($12.95) will be more affordable.

I am also writing bi-weekly articles for a website. If you click on the Northwest Ohio Christian Voice link on the right, you can see what they are and read if you want. Check under Coffee with the Pastor. 

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